Automotive applications cover a wide and demanding market which include heavy equipment such as agricultural vehicles, construction equipment and commercial vehicles in addition to mass transit and hybrid vehicles.

Marine, meaning any application exposed to sea, subsea or salt rich environments can cover leisure craft, submersible applications or coastal installations.Whether your application is within either of these sectors, our product portfolio offers a number of connectivity solutions to meet automotive and marine requirements.



Circular connectors

Rectangular connectors

Sensor / Actuator Distribution Boxes

IP rated connectors

Power connectors

MIL Spec connectors

Multipole connectors

Managed Switches

Industrial Firewall & Security



• MIL Spec connectors

• Circular

• Multipole

• IP rated connectors

• Metal connectors

• Plastic connectors

• Rectangular connectors

The Automotive industry is one of the most competitive sectors in today’s marketplace. It’s of no surprise then that robotics and data transmission are of increasing importance.  The critical factor in today’s progressive, automation led, automotive industry is maximum system availability based on efficient, seamless solution

Automotive manufacturers need high-level automation systems with integrated industrial robotics solutions which have the versatility and flexibility to cope with contracting product cycles. Key products used within this industry are cables, connectors, industrial Ethernet switches, routers and firewalls.

Data transmission is of increasing importance to the marine industry also, however in this kind of application the connectors and solutions must be tailored to meet the rugged demands of the subsea market. Consequently, OEM’s and design engineers need IP rated connectors that are able to withstand the challenges presented by salt water, pressure and changing temperatures.

Brands which are commonly used within the automotive and marine industry are Hirschmann, Lumberg Automation, and Bulgin.

Industrial  connectors and systems used in construction equipment, earth moving, portable electric generators and on the various sensors used in heavy equipment engines, diesel, gasoline, and natural gas. Water resistance and safety are among the most important requirements for marine applications. 

Sealed to IP68, Bulgin's Buccaneer connectors are extensively used throughout the marine industry for hostile environment connections especially many on-board applications such as power distribution to pumps, lights and navigational equipment as well as data and RF comms connections.

In today’s automotive industry, communication technology is facing a multitude of challenges such as ensuring high availability and reliability plus maximum flexibility and seamless automation.

Hirschmann and Lumberg Automation understand the automotive industry's unique requirements and provides machine builders and automotive manufacturers with a broad product portfolio and extensive solutions expertise.

With a number of brands and a wide range of products available for applications within the automotive industry, Complete Electronics Ltd are able to offer total solutions for your automotive projects. To get a quote or to place an order, contact our sales team on