MACH100 Industrial Workgroup Switches

              Mach100                                              Mach100

The MACH100 managed switches are designed mainly for the Control Room environment and for office use. These switches support PROFINET and Ethernet/IP Protocols. Using Copper wires or optical fibres in a bus or ring topology, allows you to build switched Industrial Ethernet networks that conform to the IEEE 802.3 and 802.3u standards. The Fast Ethernet MACH100 aids 2 Gigabit Combo ports. They offer a running temperature from 0°C to 50°C with fan-less cooling. These switches are either available with a fixed port number or as modular workgroup switches. There is also the option of SFP modules. You can connect terminal devices and other infrastructure components via twisted pair cables, multi-mode fibre optic and single –mode fibre optic. The twisted pair ports support autocrossing, autonegotiation and autopolarity.

Standard Features of the MACH100 series Include:

  • Cooling without fan
  • Rack mounted
  • Hot-swappable modules (MACH102)
  • ACA 21 USB Auto Configuration Adapter
  • Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol Server option and additional security
  • HIPER-Ring, MRP, RSTP, disable learning, SNTP
  • Ethernet/IP PROFINET
  • Temperature Range 0°C-50°C
  • Choice of 4 PoE ports available

The new recent PoE or PoE Plus modules for MACH100 series offer eight Fast Ethernet ports which are capable of supporting 15.4W or 30W respectively. The PoE  and PoE plus ports are also able to function at the same time which supplies up to 120W of total power. This then implicates that the new module presents considerable flexibility and guarantees your investment to be future proof.

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