MACH1000 Rack-Mount Ethernet Switches

mach 1000                                                                        mach 1000

These Ruggedized switches are acutely immune to noise and capable of providing maximum uptime in extreme environmental conditions. The MACH1000 series accommodates the relevant standards of the Industrial automation industry. They are designed for the special requirements of the industry and even under extreme conditions the MACH1000 series administers very high operational dependability. They offer high port density (up to 28 ports) and also have long term reliability and flexibility. Corresponding with your own requirements you can set up your own switch regarding the number of ports you require, the transmission speed, media type, connector type, temperature range, voltage range and software variant. As well as Fast Ethernet MACH1000 is also available in a Gigabit Ethernet version with 16 Gigabit Ethernet Combo ports for the highest media flexibility.  For building reliable networks, the MACH1000 offers ultra-fast ring recovery time, fanless design and a flexible and redundant power input range of 24/36/48 VDC, 125*/250 VDC or 110/230 VDC in each attainable combination.

Standard Features of the MACH1000 series:

  • 19 inch rack mount
  • Cooling without fan
  • Temperature range -40°C to +85°C(Fast Ethernet) or +70°C(Gigabit Ethernet) and conformal coating is available.
  • Exceeds NEMA TS-2 standard for traffic control equipment.
  • Ultra-fast ring recovery time

The harsher the surroundings and running conditions, the higher the need for extremely robust network component. The MACH1000 series administers superior performance in transportation and military applications as well as the industrial automation Industry.


  • Railroad optical networks
  • Passenger information systems in train stations and on board trains
  • Runway lighting at airports
  • Marine applications
  • Traffic surveillance 

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