Harsh Environment

harsh environmnent


Connectors suitable for harsh or hostile environments may need to withstand extreme temperatures and temperature cycles, ingress of particulates or water, electrostatic discharge (ESD), electromagnetic interference (EMI), vibrations, and physical impact.

These harsh environment applications can be underground as with mining or the oil and gas industry, on a train out in all weathers, or in a factory where wash downs occur. Standard such as ATEX, NEMA and IP ratings (IEC 60529) cover the degree to which a connector can withstand different harsh environments.




Harsh Environment


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A typical harsh environment application is the oil and gas industry where connectors and connectivity solutions need to withstand extremes of temperature, high vibration levels, humidity, exposure to salt water and chemicals and continue to work seamlessly in this mission critical application. With the global increase in demand for oil and gas by-products, the technology used in the exploration and production processes has grown in complexity. 

The demand to continuously improve safety standards and production within the oil and gas field has led to the further advancement and usage of control systems in process industries. Alongside this are the continuing technological improvements in data management through the use of Ethernet technology.

To meet these changing requirements and standards, Bulgin, Hirschmann, Phoenix Contact and Lumberg Automation offer a comprehensive portfolio of solutions ranging from Ethernet and Fieldbus to connectors and cables (copper, fibre and wireless) which satisfy the increasing demands placed upon them.

Phoenix Contact manufacture and supply harsh environment products for Offshore and Land Drilling equipment, Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO) Production, Downhole and Subsea Solutions. 

Bulgin offer a full range of environmentally sealed and ATEX (ATmosphere EXplosible) approved circular connectors designed to provide secure and safe connections in harsh or hostile conditions, with IP ratings from IP68, to IP69K.

Hirschmann products offer a wide selection of switches, converters and routers suitable for harsh environmental, industrial Ethernet applications. The Hirschmann portfolio of industrial Ethernet switches and networking devices are reputed within the industry for their reliability and ruggedness.

The Lumberg Automation cordsets are extremely durable and able to withstand the harsh industrial environmental conditions of shock, vibration, dust and wash down that are prevalent in the oil & gas industry. Hirschmann & Lumberg Automation enable the seamless sharing of information throughout a facility, to maximise security and productivity.

As franchised distributors for Amphenol Industrial, Bulgin, Hirschmann and Lumberg Automation, we are able to offer you total solutions for your next project. Contact our technical team at info@ce-ltd.com today for further information.